Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Limbo Between Mind and Body

In the last few days I've drank so much coffee that the phrase "my brain is melting" has become a staple utterance. The reason for this, in two words: retail job. Arriving from an academic tour high right into a sell-your-soul-to-satan-for-money kind of low can only be endured with copious amounts of caffeine.

Thankfully, I am leaving the country once again, to visit Northwestern University in Evanston (right next to Chicago). Initially, I wasn't going to visit it, but then I decided that it would be silly not to. What have I got to lose? It's a fantastic program with fantastic faculty members. They absolutely deserve a visit. I fly on Monday morning and return Wednesday night. Ahh, the sweet flavour of anticipated travel.

Among other activities, I've been keeping busy (translation: procrastinating more useful tasks) with a new marvel of Interwebs teknologie: Just see what amazing looks it has allowed me to create!

Achingly chic, aren't they? I would absolutely wear all three (and I do wear similar things). But this is nothing compared to the things my lovely friend pledgerose creates over at her fashion blog Aduial Reverie...

Tah tah for now!


pledgedrose said...

Another trip. Thank goodness. It'll at least allow some 'you' time away from all this horrid retail stuff that seems to, more and more, give you grief. I worry about you, dear.

Those styles! My goodness - dress me. Or, at least, let's shop. It would possibly be fatal, but the world has to come to terms with our forces (awesomeness) sooner rather than later. I adore your arrangements ever so much, for which I'm stoked to see you wrote a shout out to me and dared to compare.

*rogue blush* You're a dear.
Just know thou iz mien inzpirayshon.

JuliaA said...

i really should have applied to northwestern when i was looking at schools, and i regret it now. it's an excellent school. but i got a big scholarship elsewhere, and so it goes.

about a mile south of evanston there is devon street, with all sorts of indian and pakistani foods. and there is ethiopian food, and a little ethiopian market called kukulu. and amazing thai food--chicago has a really large thai population, so there's three thai restaurants within a block of where i live. we have great museums and a beautiful skyline with interesting architecture. and then there's the lake. the lake is gorgeous. there's a lot to like about chicago. you might be able to tell that i'm partial to interesting ethnic food. hope you enjoy your visit.

sorry to hear about the brain-numbing retail job. i've done plenty of that myself. arrrgh.

sleeping poet said...

juliaA - thanks so much for your comment. I did indeed have a very nice visit, and the lake is so painfully beautiful! Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to check out some of those incredible-sounding restaurants you mentioned... There is a good chance that I will accept the offer to Northwestern--I have to speak with my mentor today about my choices... In any case, I'll let you know!

pledgerose - Come to Toronto and let's shop my darling!

The Dark Bohemiian said...

in love with all three !!!