Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New England and West Philadelphia

Tomorrow, at the indecently early hour of 7AM, I will be taking off on a plane that will bring me to the fair city of Providence, Rhode Island, home to Brown University's German Department, where I may or may not be a graduate student this coming September.

After that, I am off to Boston, Massachusetts, a mere 47 minute train ride away, to visit a very special person who resides in Cambridge and attends a very prestigious University there. I love Boston, and I hope to sit around in cafes for four entire days, exchanging romantic looks while surrounded by the faint and salty mist of the sea.

The last destination, reached by enduring (or enjoying?) a 6 hour train ride is Philadelphia.

And then it's sweet home Toronto, Ontario.

(Image source: Wikipedia)


LeLe said...

I'm so proud of you (and slightly envious)! And I love the "Fresh Prince" theme song. Cracked me up. Have an awesome trip and enjoy the beauty that is New England.

Revenanti said...

if i'll travel the world, i'll be definitely visiting here.. ^_^