Monday, March 23, 2009

Academic Hangover

Hello darlings.

I just got back from my lovely academic tour to the three most prestigious universities that accepted me into their PhD programs. I am overstimulated at the moment, having absorbed so much intellectual conversation. A cerebral revelry it was!

Though I am still trying to get my life back into some form of a regular routine, I will share a few snaps with you--completely unedited and therefore delightfully raw--for your joy and viewing pleasure.


pledgedrose said...

It must be expressed - you are a divine beauty.
Although I knew that already (hehe :P), being quite obvious from what I have already learnt and come to percieve, it is beyond lovely to see that beauty translated into your physical self. I must say, I feel quite inadequate, dear. *Lol*
But you are completely gorgeous, and although I know I'm failing at not being creepy, I feel a strong desire to state this.

Academic hangover! YAY.
I'm ever so glad you enjoyed yourself, meeting new people and seeing new things that could, eventually, become familiar to you. It is very exciting and I am incredibly happy for you, dear.
To hear you're in reasonably high spirits douses some of my negative emotions, to be honest. You're theraputic to me, which I hope you don't mind. Haha.
I know. I fail at the non-creepy. *facepalm*

I hope to speak with you soon, lovely.
Stay safe and be well.

sleeping poet said...

To pledgedrose:

You are NOT creepy my dear! You know I cherish your friendship and feel only love for you in my heart. I am humbled by your compliments and thank you so much!