Friday, April 3, 2009

Of blank minds and reeling books.

My creative journal has been flooded of late by academic musings and their respective photographs. Busy making decisions about what grad school to go to, I have utterly neglected my jewelry/art making. Even those moments of inspiration when I really wanted to create something new have been interrupted by the need to go to work, or the need to merely sleep during my non-working hours. This post will attempt to steer the blog back onto its familiar road.

You may have noticed a new type of pictures taken for my etsy shop, involving better lighting, earrings made using antique objects and books used as props. These, my friends, are symbols of things to come...
More I will not say, for then the symbols will lose their mystery. Only this: greciangoldsmith is changing.

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pledgedrose said...

You are so mysterious, dear. It's marvelously enrapturing.

With such musings, I am now looking forward very much to the projects you take on in the near future, regarding your jewelry. As always, it's very exciting to see what you create.

All my love, dear one.