Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fibers and Fabric

I have not listed any new items for a while, partly because of my "regular" job, partly because of huge impending decision deadlines (see previous posts re PhD studies) but partly also because I have started weaving cotton thread, bead and whatever-other-treasures-I-can-find necklaces. I have created a very primitive loom using foamboard, dressmaker's pins and crude drawings. Have a look at my work in progress:

Many more exciting things to come. Until then: xo.


LeLe said...

Neato! I look forward to seeing your new designs. I really like Little Brown Sparrow's beauties.

pledgedrose said...

Oh my goodness.

Awe is the dominant emotional response to this post.
While the work of "littlebrownsparrow" is admirable and quite inspiring, I'm more so enraptured by the pieces you have previewed, here.

The inclusion of recycled fabrics, into your art, equal wondrous bouts of joy from I. Positively beautiful, dear one. I'm feeling ever more encouraged to do some designing, myself.

The loom. Dear gods on high, you never cease to amaze me. Honestly, Sandra. You would not believe how awed I am by this marvelously detailed experiment. So very Grecian. I love it.

Seems, my dear, you have ventured into a new era of artistic excellence. Continue your divine odyssey, love. For I am watching.

kim* said...

the yellow and beads are fabulous