Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kiss me in a style Clark Gable would have admired. Make it classic.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying the opening night of "Public Enemies", starring the acutely talented Johhny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cottilard. It is rare for me to be enthralled with a film so much that I not only blog about it, but urge you to see it.

A film that looks as if it will be a (mere?) commercial success in the trailer, rises to unutterable artistic greatness in its entirety. The acting is superb,

the story, heartbreaking,

and the phenomenal direction of Michael Mann left me writing essays in my head.


LeLe said...

I just listened to that song yesterday. :)

JuliaA said...

i've been interested in this movie not because i knew much about it, but because it seemed like it would have a stunning period style. i'd read about the bespoke font that was created just for this movie. (it's a great font.) creating a font? that's attention to detail and style.

i'm glad to hear that the movie is striking in a wide variety of ways, not just visually. can't wait to see it!

Sharon said...

This film was very well crafted. All the acting was indeed superb. Johnny Depp in particular, really portrayed his character well. He made you feel sorry for the Dillinger, even though he was a cold-blooded killer while doing his job.

flurogoddess said...

I wish it wasn't 3 hours long though! I could've happily dozed off in the middle bits and still enjoyed it.

Very arty, great story, but a little slow in places.

sleeping poet said...

flurogoddess - I will have to agree with you. But the places I found slow were the many bulletsbulletsgunsguns action scenes. :) What I loved most was the last half hour or so.

sleeping poet said...

juliaA - I had no idea about the font! Thank you for letting me know. *goes to look it up* And yes, the period style was not only beautiful, but also very accurate.