Friday, July 31, 2009


Many thanks for all of your birthday wishes, both here and on Twitter. It was lovely to hear from all of you. I must apologize for my absence from the internet. A more detailed post is to come.

"the book of love is long and boring"

[click on photo for image source]


myan photography/zuppaartista said...

oh happy belated birthday!
i hope you had a wonderful time! :)

*i just changed my shop & twitter name from urban junkies to myan, just in case you didn't realize who this was!* :)

sleeping poet said...

Many thanks, Michelle! xoxoxo

Sharon said...

I am an avid social dancer and an occasional student of tango. This stunning tango photo has inspired me to want some more lessons soon!

Sharon said...

BTW, no matter how many lessons I take, I would never look so good in clothes like that. (Sigh!)

pledgedrose said...

Can i bee tat garl in dah foto plz k thx.