Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flying too close to the sun.

"The scorching rays of the nearer sun softened the fragrant wax which held his wings." -Ovid

During the last few months, I have allowed my creativity to evolve. I have let myself be inspired by other artists, let my imagination wander and fly away from me. While this has indeed been an exciting trip, at one point I encountered a fearful thought: I have traveled so far--will I be able to find my way home?

Reading through some of my favourite books--the Odyssey by Homer and Ovid's Metamorphoses--I was reminded of what Grecian Goldsmith truly stands for: eternal ancient Greece, filtered slightly through modernist poetics. It is time for me to go back to the beginning.

Once out of nature I shall never take
My bodily form from any natural thing
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enameling
-W. B. Yeats
quoted from memory


Felix and Jayne said...

gorgeous earrings... i love the way you photographed them!

victoria kloch said...

perhaps "Now" is the beginning?

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Sometimes you need time for things to simmer... lovely earrings!

Sharon said...

Your earrings are elegant and the poetry that you can recall is so much more highbrow than what I have memorized. I am impressed by both.

By the way, if you have the time and the inclination, I have tagged you on my blog to share some information about yourself with us readers.

sleeping poet said...

Thank you for the encouragement, everyone. Victoria, you are so right, "now" is exactly the beginning, as it always could be. :)

KeriAnne said...

I really like these earrings! It's so great to be inspired by others and then use that inspiration to create something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

those earrings are beautiful!