Monday, May 11, 2009

The trick is to keep going.

Grand ideas are easily thought up, but cannot be manifested without suffering. I say suffering and not work, because work is suffering. A sweet mental anguish envelops the mind as it stares through the eye sockets at an unfinished painting. The hands crack and bleed as they pull out the 99th weed out of a bed of roses. A ballerina will break her ankle in the middle of a solo, and keep dancing.

But sometimes, to keep going one must be resurrected from the ennui. And in order to rise to life again, one must first undergo a necessary death.

I've rolled the boulder all the way up the hill. But now I am here and have nothing to do. Roll back down, boulder, off with you. I will follow slowly, because it is not a pain but a joy to roll you back up again.

(Painting: "Sisyphus" by Franz von Stuck.)


Zackary said...

I know what you mean about the ball continuing to fall. I've been looking for work for two months now and every morning it feels like I have to push the ball of hope back up the hill. Maybe we should all get together and keep that ball up there for good!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

such a beautiful post my dear! so well written! i spend my days worrying about the boulder squashing me but after reading your post, it makes more sense to freely ride down the hill with it and see where it takes me!

thanks for the inspiration! :)

Marty said...

Even the title makes sense...

"The trick is to KEEP going!"

pledgedrose said...

This is one of the finest pieces of writing I have ever read from you, love. With an utmost honest, personal opinion.
It makes me crave to paint, for gods sake.
My Muse, you are, indeed.

I am speechless in response and cannot say very much other than; I love it. The imagery is just... guh.
*chuckle* Uni plus your gorgeous writing has made me wordless.

Although, I wouldn't mind accompanying you to push that fallen boulder, once again. For your ease. :)


Marty said...

I have an award waiting for you, visit my blog page when you can.