Thursday, May 28, 2009

In my next life.

"My attention was drawn to a simple old morning coat. It was made of some remarkable material I had never seen before--a kind of sand-colored, greenish, grayish stuff, which seemed faded and covered with spots and dust mixed with ashes. I had the feeling that a man dressed in that coat would look like a ghost. An almost imperceptible squeamishness but at the same time a slightly terrifying sense of fatefulness stirred in me..."

-Constantin Stanislavski


pledgedrose said...

Frame your blogposts, hang them upon my wall. I shall read them closely and with care as I ritualistically brush through my hair.

My thoughts, on the greys you display. In colour and alternative form.

I love every piece. In a similar fashion to your Etsy Treasuries; there is a signifcant reason for each placement of a thing, whether conciously done or not.

All my love, dear one. Know that whenever you choose to exhibit any facet of your beauty, I will treasure it like any other marvel of art and shed adoration.

Alina said...

wow. I love the bit about the coat. It puts a picture in my head.

Sharon said...

Stanislavski's method would help an actor to take on the character of the person who would have worn that coat--or the actor could always choose a different role.

One's next life can always begin today, or tomorrow. When I look around and see the trappings of my life and the things I surround myself with, it is apparent that I have defined my role by my own choices.

This means I can always begin again.

Sorry to ramble, your lovely post got me thinking.