Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grecian Goldsmith is dead.

Dear friends,

I have decided to close down my jewelry shop permanently. What is there now will be the last I ever make. This decision did not come lightly, but it had to be made.

I have decided to give myself fully to my writing and my painting. Now that I will move into my own place, I will be able to make one of the rooms into a studio, giving me plenty of space for canvases and a writing desk. I want to start treating these things seriously. My jewelry making was always a pleasant escape that allowed me to avoid truly putting myself and my art out there. But I am ready to move on now.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported and inspired me over the months. I am truly grateful, and some of the friendships I made as a result will never be forgotten.

Perhaps I will have a new blog, and a new shop one day... Until then, goodbye.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

I understand completely, good luck and I hope to see you around the literary world!

JuliaA said...

you have an impressive love for words that comes across strongly. and i love when you feature paintings in your blog. i hope that you continue to blog about your new focus.

it's funny--i've recently found myself attracted back to an internet world that's decidedly more intellectual than the handmade/knitting forums i'd been frequenting more recently. it intimidates me sometimes, being in a community of people who i feel are much smarter than i am, but i can't stay away. it's something i need, to be surrounded by intellect sometimes.

i hope that you enjoy your pursuit of the literary and artistic!

myan photography/zuppaartista said...

best wishes to you and your creativity my dear.
i absolutely agree with julia, you are so gifted with the art of writing, that i know you will do many great things.

just don't stop sharing your beautiful observations with us! :)


Semaphore said...

I know that the love you brought to your craft will find its way into your other art... so I look forward to your new creations. Best of luck with the new journey!

sleeping poet said...

Thank you, everyone. I assure you that my new adventures will be well documented for your reading pleasure. xoxo